A fan that owns a Celebrity Token is defined as Celebrity STARCRUNCH Token Holders (STARC).

Inflationary Rewards, sends 2% redistribution on buys (inflationary), 2% redistribution on sells (from tax) making total redistribution 4%.

StarCrunch built by a celebrity based team who’s primary goal behind the project is to connect you with your favorite celebrities via their token utility. You will be able to redeem your tokens for celeb interactions: Phone Calls, FaceTime, merchandise and more!


Only a STARC Holder will be allowed access to the private channel of the celebrity. Fans will receive pictures, video and voice content that is unavailable on other social media platforms. As an example, a celebrity music artist would share lyrics from a song and request feedback from his fans or provide exclusive access to his or her upcoming album release. There are many ways that STARC Holders would engage with the celebrity like they never were able to before.


All STARC receive a 50% discount in the Celebrity Webstore.


STARC can engage in the governance voting function which allows them to upvote their favorite products. Since new items are designed daily, all STARC Holders can actively help celebrities launch products they really want.


As an example, depending of the Celebrity, a STARC Holder might participate in a video call every few months with the celebrity. The second and third largest STARC Holder might for instance receive a personalized 15-minute video call every six months with the celebrity.
STARC supply is very limited. The Celebrity Token can be traded within the CELEBZ Platform, but is not aimed to be traded in other markets at the moment. We don’t expect loyal fans on CELEBZ to let go of their exclusive celebrity access.
And many more surprises and functions…. Stay tuned!

This is the next big step in utilizing crypto currency in today's society. Bridging the fans to the celebrities... want a great birthday gift for your child? How about a straight shoutout from their biggest star crush face to face! This is a Pioneer project in a booming industry